I first decided to create Glamour Globe so that I could showcase some of the incredible fashion and beauty brands that I had stumbled across from around the world. I am obsessed with visiting new places and trying to get a sense of local trends; what people are buying, wearing and why. While pursuing my passion for travel I kept notes that would become city guides, images that would become features and lists of recommendations that I wanted to share.

As the blog developed it became a place where I could write about more than travel and transformed into a love letter; to everywhere I’ve been, everywhere I hope to go, fashion, beauty, books and everything in between.



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  1. It reminds me of what I am doing with tourists visiting Dublin without the photos. Visitors love practical information when arriving in a capital city and what better way than from someone who knows the city.
    Lovely photos and blog on the various eateries And bars.
    Best of luck with the website and its impact.
    Xx Anne

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