Beauty: My Amazing Blow Dry Secret

I hate blowdrying my hair. I hate the time that it absorbs, I hate the ache in my arms, I hate the mind-numbing boredom that can’t be diminished by music or TV because my hairdryer is louder than a modified Subaru doing laps around my ears. So when I happened across a hair care brand in my local TK Maxx that promised to half my blow drying time while at the same time extending the rest period between washes I was instantly intrigued. With a mixture of scepticism and glee I paid £24 for two large 1L (35oz) bottles of My Amazing Blow Dry Secret; one shampoo and one conditioner.
My Amazing Blow Dry Secret
After one use, I was hooked. These coconut-oil based products lessened my time spent in the blow dry abyss by such an extent that I was instantly fearful there would once come a day when I could no longer get my hands on it. My fears were confirmed when I googled the company only to find that they are based in America and not yet distributing in the UK. I returned to TK Maxx to buy out the remaining stock but found that the shelves had been ravaged in my absence. A look on Amazon revealed 10z bottles (pictured) of shampoo and conditioner changing hands for £35 each. I was appalled and, refusing to purchase at this inflated price, set about rationing my remaining product. As the months passed, I grew dangerously close depletion. And then, they were back! In a feat of kismet, TK Maxx had received a new shipment and I hastily gathered as many as I could carry, throwing in the Shake’n Spray for good measure. My ship had come in! From what I can see there is no rhyme or reason as to when this product appears on the TK Maxx shelves; sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t. Though incredibly effective, it is certainly not worth purchasing through Amazon so all I can advise is to keep a beady eye on the beauty department of your local TK Maxx and, in the meantime, try Got2B Mindblowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray (currently on sale for £2.70 at Superdrug) which, while not achieving the same results as My Amazing Blow Dry Secret, also makes a considerable dent in my blow drying time.

got2B mindblowing xpress dry styling spra

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