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If there’s one arena where Ireland excels it’s hospitality and The Dean Hotel is no exception. I love this hotel. I love the Irish artwork on the walls. I love the mini Smeg fridges. I love the top floor cocktail bar with 270° views across the city centre. The attention to detail and customer service far surpass the mid-range price tag and everything in the city is walkable. The only potential drawback is noise. The hotel is located in one of Dublin’s busiest nightlife districts with Copper Face Jacks to one side and Everleigh Garden to the other. The Dean make it clear on their website that this can be an issue for lighter sleepers although I stayed in the Hi-Fi room and despite being so close to the nightclub next door that I could actually see into it, I didn’t hear a thing.


Ranging from £150 (Standard) – £450 (Suite) per night. |📍 33 Harcourt Street D2

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