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There are seven Designer Hotels in South Korea, each with suites designed by a  local artist and all in central location. I stayed in Jongno in the Hidden Card Suite, a street art interpretation of Alice in Wonderland designed by BFMIN, a noted graffiti artist based in Seoul. The magic of The Designers is the range of decor. Want to spend the night in an alien pod? Book The Milky Way. Want The 1920’s? Book The Great Gatsby. Want to commune with natureBook the suite and enjoy a jacuzzi bath next to the living tree. The Designers is somewhere with something for everyone. 


Ranging from £55 (Standard) – £105 (Suite) per night. |📍Samseoung📍Dongdaemun📍Jongno📍Cheongnyangni📍Incheon📍Kondae📍Yeouido

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