Brand: Key To Freedom

The handcrafted, jewel coloured Key To Freedom pieces are beautiful. The quality is high, the prints are striking and the clever designs enable dual functionality; the scarf becomes a sarong, the kimono becomes a peignoir, the cosmetic case becomes a clutch. The only style limit on these pieces is the imagination of the wearer.
Key to Freedom TopshopKey to Freedom TopshopKey to Freedom TopshopKey to Freedom Topshop

As if these qualities were not reason enough for purchase, Key To Freedom serves a much greater purpose. The label was set up in order to support the Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF), an organisation dedicated to rescuing vulnerable women and girls in West Bengal and teaching them skills that will enable them to support themselves. In addition to teaching these valuable skills, WIF provide safe houses for victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking, homes for those involved in the projects, drop-in centres for street children and much more. The organisation empowers women, freeing them from abuse and working to instil them with a sense of independence, security and hope for the future.

Key to Freedom Topshop
Once the Key To Freedom piece has been made, it is signed by the woman who crafted it and sent to Topshop to be sold. 100% of the proceeds are passed over from Topshop to The Prince Andrew Charitable Trust, before being passed back to WIF. The initiative is now entering its fourth year and can only continue so long as demand for the products continues to thrive. If you should buy one of these pieces (and I really think that you should), please use social media to share the image and the hashtag #keytofreedom in order raise awareness of this innovative brand and the incredible cause behind it.

Key To Freedom Topshop

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