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Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s  Lenny Letter is a true gift of the digital age. Since the launch last October, the platform has delivered a veritable pick ‘n’ mix of ideas, knowledge, current affairs, humour and empowerment, metaphorically wrapped up and festooned with balloons, to over 400,000 subscribers twice weekly and absolutely free of charge. Dunham’s high profile ensured that the Lenny Letter got the recognition and response that it deserved, but it occurred to me that there must be countless other newsletters from lesser known yet no less inspiring creators that would provide a welcome relief from the tedious work emails and spam that currently dominate my inbox. Once I began to search, gem after gem began to appear. Below are some of the best I have found so far;

Read. Look. Think 

The concept of this small yet perfectly formed newsletter is so brilliantly clever that I want to die for never having thought of it myself. In the first section, creator Jessica Stanley includes a series of excerpts from books or articles that she has found interesting. In the second are listed some interesting things that she has seen and in the third, something (or several things) that have made her think. It is so simple, yet so thought provoking and informative, with links included to all discussed.

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In a somewhat similar fashion to Read Think Look, Uptalk is a weekly curation of content created by women and pulled together by comedy writer Leila Cohan Miccio. The key difference between each newsletter is, apart from the content featured, Uptalk is a much larger list of recommendations with a healthy dose of popular culture content alongside the more thought provoking pieces. A recent edition led me to a mix of content that I really enjoyed but, in the deluge of the internet, may not have found otherwise, such as the intriguing Harpers Bazaar article Inside The World’s Chicest Cult, the heart wrenching How Many Black People Can you Mourn In One Week? and the confusingly nostalgic Every Outfit Ever Worn On Sex And The City Instagram account. For those who are interested in everything with enough time to read almost nothing, it’s a cheat sheet to the good stuff. 

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The Coven

Founded and edited by Irish Times writer Sarah Waldron, The Coven is a website and newsletter created by women with the noble goal of “looking at serious things without being dour and looking at frothy things without being insubstantial”. While Read Look Think and Uptalk are curations of great work created for a variety of publications, The Coven is home to a group of writers who create pieces specifically for it, meaning that there is content to be found that will not be found elsewhere, the majority of which is created by Irish writers, differentiating it further from the other newsletters on this list. The newsletter is sent out every Sunday but, if accessing through the website, prepare to lose several spellbound hours to the archived essay section; a force to be reckoned with. 

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Post Prostitute 

Post Prostitute began life in 2014 as Prostitute Laundry, a confessional memoir broken into a series of newsletters, written by an American sex worker under the pseudonym of Charlotte Shane. The newsletters were so well written, so truthful and intriguing, that, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, they were successfully turned into a book. Two years on, Shane is no longer working in the sex industry but has written a number of popular articles on a variety of topics including her former profession [Men Consume, Women are Consumed: Sex work, stigma, mockery, and community] economics [The Gentrification of Sex: Does spending more money make your sex life better?] and the devastating boredom that is healthy eating [Oatmeal Is For People Who Won’t Let Themselves Have Nice Things: One letter away from being ‘oat mal]. Post Prostitute is a newsletter about what comes next for Charlotte Shane as she transitions from a high earning sex worker to a freelance writer with a spirited voice and a cult following.

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The Wing 

While The Wing has yet to officially launch, my expectations are so high that I’m willing to break with tradition and include it anyway. The brainchild of political aficionado and New York socialite Audrey Gelman, The Wing is set to become “a home base for women on their way”, a description which sold me on sight.

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