& Other Stories: The Beauty Products You’re Overlooking

I couldn’t recommend & Other Stories, sister company of high street label H&M, more for good quality essentials and office-appropriate wear that is reasonably priced. The wide cuff silk shirts are a firm personal favourite and the clothes tend to speak for themselves. The beauty section, however, is the unsung of this brand. The following is a selection of my must try products:

1. Hand Cream

& Other Stories Tangier Hand Cream
& Other Stories Tangier Hand Cream £4

I am obsessed with this hand cream. The fragrances range from orange blossom and coriander  to cherry blossom and lemon but Tangier Dreams (dark amber and sultry pear) is the most addictive. The 30ml tube is the perfect handbag size and lasts for weeks. Skip your perfume and apply every couple of hours for soft hands and a rich spicy scent vaguely reminiscent of Tom Ford Black Orchid.

(Free samples of the similarly scented body lotions available here).

2. Nail Colour

& Other Stories Nail Colour In Lauburnum Tide | £5
& Other Stories Nail Colour In Lauburnum Tide | £5
polish samle
& Other Stories Nail Colour In Lauburnum Tide | £5

I have only personally  tried this polish in a neutral colour (Hexagon Cream) so cannot comment on the endurance qualities of the polishes with a stronger pigment but I can say that the neutral colour went on smoothly and lasted much longer than the price would suggest. There are over 100 quirky colours available, each priced at £5.

3. Body Scrub

& Other Stories Fig Fiction Body Scrub | £7
& Other Stories Fig Fiction Body Scrub | £7

Truthfully, I have mixed feelings on body scrub. I can see the merit in theory, but can never really summon any enthusiasm in practice. I like products that make my life easier (hence my obsession with any moisturisers that can be sprayed directly on me, preferably when I’m already lying down i.e. Palmer’s Rapid Dry Spray). The smell of this scrub is so heady and long lasting, however, that it makes me want to turn it all around. Yes, it takes a while. Yes, it’s time that could be better spent doing something lovely instead. But the fig fragrance coupled with the feeling of glorious smugness that comes from incorporating a non-essential element of grooming into your daily routine makes it worth it.

All products available from: http://www.stories.com/gb/Beauty

Photo Credit: http://www.stories.com

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