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After a seemingly never ending spate of popularity, the ‘Normcore‘ backlash is finally in full swing; fun and frivolity are back in the driving seat with a joyful swathe of fantasy pieces fit for a comic book Super Hero taking over the market. The five brands listed below represent a return to dressing in a fashion that is both flamboyant and filled with personality, no ‘greige’ allowed.

Isolated Heroes 

Founded by Heriot Watt graduate Samantha McEwen in 2012, Isolated Heroes is a freakishly fabulous Scottish fashion brand creating dystopian inspired pieces by hand so that they may empower their wearers, “transforming them into a surrealist, avant-garde tribe of future primitives”. The clothing, an exhilarating mix of colour, faux fur, latex and sequins, appears as if it were exclusively designed so that the love child of Barbie and David Bowie would have something to wear to lunch with Anna Della Russo. In short, it’s the clothing of dreams.

Barbie Pink Sequin Biker Jacket £230BELIEVE-LONG-COAT-LAST-CHANCE £330

Candy Luxury Fur Stole £110Bubble Gum Pink Tinsel Biker Jacket


These optically confusing 2D bags from Taiwanese brand JumpFromPaper have recently gone viral and it’s easy to see why. The cartoonish designs are both inspired and designed by “Kids of The Internet Age” and are absurdly practical in design with wide shoulder straps and spacious compartments. The website cleverly includes a capacity note for Apple products on each item making them the perfect choice for working on the go. Comfortably place a 13″ MacBook Pro into the Adventure BackPack and skip off down the road, feeling like a modern day Daria.




Brighton based designer Louise O’Mahony left her job as a West End costume designer so that she could create L.O.M, a clothing line inspired  by Mexican, Asian and European Folklore. The detail in each piece is incredible and if I were to create a female Super Hero I would cloak her in the Pom Pom Cape without a moment’s hesitation.


Kiosk | Eygló

Kiosk is a clothing boutique in Reykjavik collectively owned by 9 Iceland based designers. One of these designers is Eygló, a former intern of Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott and a natural fibre enthusiast. The latest collection has a Roy Lichtenstein, Pop Art edge reminiscent of a 1950’s comic strip with flying lipsticks and red painted nails galore.  Selected Kiosk designs are available to buy internationally through Asos MarketPlace enabling anyone anywhere to browse the rails of this Nordic Boutique without leaving the house.


Skinny Dip London

Skinny Dip London is an established, mainstream brand that has thrown itself headlong into the comic book trend with joyful abandon. The brand is mass produced and stocked by most major retailers including ASOS, Topshop, Nasty Gal and Selfridges, making it a relatively boring brand to blog about but an incredibly easy brand to get our hands on. Another (usual) upside of a mass produced brand is an affordable price point and in this department Skinny Dip London is excellent with bags costing just £30 each on average.
Skinnydip_iPhone_6_6S_Black_Rocket_Silicone_1_compact Skinnydip_S_Plushie_Sticker_1_1d8f7d8d-aba4-49e7-a49e-6589aa9bc932_compactSkinnydip_ZAP_Cross_Body_Bag_4_216738b2-a972-41ec-8fa9-e4f79fa9e8cb_compact Skinnydip-Supervillain-Clutch-1_9aefa2c7-8f8e-4e18-aa03-847d2786cb15_compactSkinnydip_iPhone_6_6S_ZAP_Silicone_1_compact Skinnydip_Superhero_Cross_Body_Bag_1_cb7b7ee2-3d8c-42b9-8f65-7bd532c8b5f2_compact

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